About Jessna

What can be said about Jessna? She's sarcastic, loves country music, addicted to NASCAR, and lives to sing! The daughter of a Marine, she's an Air Force veteran that is very proud to have served her country. The Senior Airman served as enlisted aircrew on the AWACS plane while stationed in Oklahoma City's Tinker AFB. Moving back home to Ohio in late 2006 she found her place in her grandparents' house in March of 2007 after grandmother Mildred Allen passed away. DJ and Jessna are slowly adding their own touch to it and making it their home while honoring the house's history and her grandparents.

If there's two things DJ and Jessna love it's his kids and their pets! They spend a lot of their free time taking trips and making memories with the kids. When DJ moved in with the cats Shawnee and Ty were already there, they added their own monster when they got a basset hound puppy named Damon together. The house still hasn't recovered. Jessna still volunteers at the Hancock Historical Museum as a historical re-enactor and tour guide, but she's also a paranormal investigator and associate director of the TAPS Family group called Paraex. Both hobbies DJ has taken up with her! In return, she's taken up a few of his and do things together they used to do alone.

About DJ

DJ spent most of his childhood and teenage years with his mom Yaeko and three sisters; Miki, Kei, and Chris following their dad Charlie and his career in the Marine Corps. Some if his best memories growing up was woodworking with this dad. It wasn't until he spread his wings that this California boy found himself in Missouri and then Ohio. A mall cop job landed him a spot in Hancock County Special Olympics where he poured much of his free time and heart into for 16 years. He even started a gold-medal winning softball team with the program.

But priorities change. DJ spends a little less time at the softball field and more with his kids (Cody, Brandon, Madison, and Hunter) and working on the 1880's farmhouse inherited from Jessna's grandparents. He's found that his woodworking days with Charlie have come in handy as he has already ripped up the old carpet to lay and restore the house to hardwood floors. Family vacations have also come to the forefront and Friendship, Indiana has become a favorite! Madison loves her "aliens" aka Indians there. But DJ and Brandon have taken up shooting a traditional muzzle loader rifle with DJ's new "BFF", future father-in-law, and former Marine Gene. Paranormal investigating was also recently added to the list. There's still nothing like standing on the mound on a softball field though with Jessna and the kids in the stands cheering him on.

How We Met

The future Mr. and Mrs. Denny Jarrett met while working at the same factory in early 2008. He was a team leader that couldn't say her name right and she was a line supply avoiding him after he kept blaming her for bad parts. He doesn't remember this, but Jessna doesn't let him forget it now. When the economy slowed, Jessna's responsible areas were shifted and she ended up having to line supply for DJ's area. Her guy friends teased her that DJ only came around when she was down there. Jessna responded as she usually did when they gave her a hard time with the simple line of "shut it".

DJ grew on her though and the two found that they had found a great rock and friend in the other. For the next year frustrations and laughs were shared along with a mutual respect for the NASAR driver Jeff Gordon. The collapse of two seperate relationships found the two friends single at the same time. It wasn't long after Jessna gave DJ her phone number and she started sitting at his lunch table with their mutual friends (*coughsPattycoughs*) that it just happened. DJ asked Jessna out, but she didn't accept right away. She had the most creative rejection he had ever heard. She didn't have to wash her hair or babysit. Her family was leaving the state and going to Gettysburg, PA that weekend with her paranormal investigator friends. DJ's sweatshirt made the fateful journey with her that weekend and texts kept the new couple in constant contact until they were reunited on Monday. They never looked back that day; October 12, 2009.

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